How To Light Patio Heaters

Question: Dear Doctor M, My stand up patio heater was working fine in the spring but now, since the summer started I just can't get the thing to light properly. Any ideas?


M. Ushraum


Dear M,

Any propane appliance attracts spiders - they like the 'rotten egg' odorant that we add to propane so that we can smell it when it's in the air around us. The problem is, these spiders can gum up the valves and orifices with their webs and other assorted spider debris. For some reason, this occurs a lot with patio heaters.

So, get a can of compressed air ('not just for huffing any longer') and give your valve assembly in the heater a couple of really good blasts. Often that's enough to clear things out and get the heater working again.

Sincerely, Doctor McGrillemup

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