Signs Your Gas Fireplace Needs Servicing

Winter is coming. Very soon our industrious little fireplace installers will be busier than the Kardashian’s PR team. If you need your gas fireplace serviced – call us NOW. Our service experts are good at what they do but they’ll be booked solid before you know it. Beat the rush and book a service appointment before the snow flies.

It is recommended by gas fireplace manufacturers that you have a licensed gas technician service and clean your fireplace on an annual basis to keep them operating safely, and at peak performance. Regular maintenance can help avoid costly repairs down the road and provide peace of mind that your fireplace is ready to perform the next time a chilly night blows into the neighbourhood.

Signs your gas fireplace needs servicing:

  • Egg-like odour coming from fireplace
  • Soot or creosote build up on log set
  • Trouble turning fireplace on
  • Pilot light won't stay lit
  • Funny looking flame
  • Glass is discoloured
Signs Your Fireplace Needs Servicing

To book a fireplace service call please contact the closest store and we will happily schedule you in.
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