Fireplace Tip | Do A Burn Off of Your Gas Fireplace Before Your First Use

When it comes down to it – we’re all just trying to stay warm and look sexy.  Luckily, a Valor fireplace helps you with both.  Drop-dead good looks and a knack for radiating heat that will keep any Canadian home toasty.  Once you’ve had a Valor installed by the experts at Barbecues Galore, there are a few steps you need to take before you can cuddle up in front of it. 

Do A Fireplace Burn Off Before Your First Fire

Most important is to burn off some of that ‘new fireplace’ smell (similar to ‘new-car’ smell but with fewer hints of leather and engine oil  - more industrial with a note of open flame). 

Doing this is easy:  turn the fireplace on high (not ‘low’, not ‘medium), open up a bunch of windows and go for a nice long walk (which, frankly, you should probably be doing anyway – the dog needs the exercise and you’re not getting any younger yourself you know…).  Come back in an hour or two and your fireplace will be ready for daily use.

This Oscar worthy video (featuring – seriously –the world’s cutest baby) will tell you everything you need to know.


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