What Is The Best Grade of Fabric For Patio Furniture?

What Is the best grade of patio furniture fabric?

High quality patio furniture fabrics are graded. Counter to typical grading conventions, ‘A’ is the lowest grade – not the highest.

A higher grade typically means the fabric is woven to last longer outdoors. Check the grade of the fabrics you’re considering as you shop for patio furniture this spring and summer.

Patio furniture upholstery is the only subject where coming home with a D is cause for celebration! 

I bet you're wondering what the difference is and which is best for your wallet and your patio. Here is a rundown of the benefits of each.

Grade A Fabric
  • made from polyester or polyester blends 
  • most affordable option 
  • resists wrinkles 
  • dries quickly and resists mildew
  • does not have the same fade-resistant properties as the higher grades
  • Suitable for indoor use or placement in a screened in sunroom 
Grade B Fabric
  • made from synthetic material often called olefin
  • soft, strong and comfortable all at the same time
  • all of the advantages of Grade A fabrics plus:
    • good at resisting stains, mildew and fading
    • Slightly more expensive than the Grade A fabrics
Grade C Fabric
  • made from 100% solution dyed acrylic fibers (fibers are dyed before they are woven)
  • light weight, extremely durable with a soft feel
  • Vigorously resistant to mold, mildew, insects and sunlight
  • recommended as the minimum grade for outdoor furniture that is left out all season
Grade D Fabric
  • the same solution dyed acrylics as C grade fabrics, with improved production techniques
  • more sophisticated patterns, weaves and designs using multiple colours requiring more time and attention to detail 
  • Offers a more upscale look and feel than other grades of fabric


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