Fireplace Facts: Ceramic vs. Tempered Glass

The Difference Between Ceramic and Tempered Gas  

We get daily questions asking why a homeowner's main living area, where their fireplace is situated, is not the cozy, warm space they intended. 

Sadly, many of these questions come from new homeowners too. The answer can be complicated, but it could also have a simple solution. Your home's fireplace could have been built with tempered - heat sucking, but economical - glass. 

Don't get us wrong, many fireplaces are made with tempered glass because of its durability, strength and low cost. Tempered glass is made through a heat process that compresses the glass and makes it generally harder to shatter and if it were to shatter less pieces would disperse. However, tempered glass also retains the heat your fireplace gives off, meaning little heat is being thrown out into the room 

Ceramic glass, on the warmer hand, uses radiant heat and is designed specifically to withstand high temperatures without fear of damages. Therefore, ceramic glass allows more heat to pass through and into your living space.

So when to use which? 

Tempered glass is the right choice if you are worried about a pet or child touching hot glass, or playing rough near the fireplace. It is also an easy and cost-efficient option for a fireplace that has open doors. Since fireplaces with doors should not burn when the doors are closed, there is an obvious lean towards tempered glass. 

Ceramic glass is traditionally used on wood, coal and pellet fireplaces, or those which already give off the most heat, but in recent and modern moves, fireplace companies like Valor, are opting for ceramic glass on all their fireplaces. Using ceramic gas ensures your fireplace is doing its work. Although you may think it is not as economical initially, in the long run your fireplace is providing more heat to your entire space. 



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I need a piece of tempered gas for our gas fireplace. Dimensions are 27.5 inches wide and 15-7/8’s inches high . Do you see it or know of who in Oakville does

Bob Miskelly

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