Fireplace Facts: Eco-Friendly Comfort

A fireplace is a big purchase for your home, but one that will bring the heat! Rest assured this fireplace may just outlive you. Plus, it probably won't be a bad negotiation chip to play when it comes time to decide which house to spend Thanksgiving at. Can anyone say winner and PJ's?

When it comes to fireplaces, we at Barbecues Galore encourage you to choose one that fits your lifestyle, your home's layout and structural limits, but a big question to ask yourself is how much energy will these units use and will I be paying boat-loads in utility fees?  Gas fireplace selection and gas installation services available at Barbecues Galore in Toronto, Burlington, Oakville and Calgary

Well, it is 2020 people and we are all about energy-efficient, aesthetically-pleasing, environmentally-conscious and robot-powered homes! Valor has got it all (not quite robotic, but an easy-to-use remote will do.) As a home-owner it is important to recognize how our daily perks and pleasures, like big appliances, impact the environment and our monthly bills. 

That is why we suggest a Valor to any home-owner looking for a new gas fireplace. When you purchase a Valor Gas Fireplace you know you're getting a long-lasting (we're talking years and years), safe, and energy-efficient unit. 


Why Valor Should Be Your First Choice For Energy-Efficiency?

Valor fireplace at Barbecues Galore in Toronto, Burlington, Oakville and Calgary


No Electrical Hook-Up

Hear the whispers, or screams, of the grand kids. Valor Gas Fireplaces can outlive a power-outage and are not in favour of noisy-fans, meaning when the lights fail the fireplace won't and your energy consumption is very reduced.

Remote Pilot Ignition

Save fuel by turning your pilot light off with a single remote. No need to crawl around finding the pilot ignition system. Valor Gas Fireplaces also offer turn down and pilot shutdown features. 

Convective & Radiant Heat 

Radiant heat warms the heart and the furniture. The heat from a Valor Gas unit is evenly distributed without ducts and therefore without energy loss. More sun-like warmth in your home means less furnace output into unused spaces.

Natural Gas Benefits 

You know what they say about natural gas - its a mean and clean fuel machine. Valor Natural Gas Fireplaces use clean energy to run and thanks to radiant heat they're using 25% less energy than other air systems. 


    Check our Barbecues Galore's five showrooms across Toronto, Burlington, Oakville and Calgary for our wide selection of Gas and Electric Fireplaces and stoves. Our showrooms feature more than just bbq's and patio furniture, but also dreamy fireplace inspiration for your home. 

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