What is Heat Shift and Why Is It Used In Valor Fireplaces?

We are burning up just thinking about how hot our fireplace showrooms across Canada look. The curated selection of the best fireplaces out there are all on display for your viewing pleasure - or maybe you just need to warm up the toes. 

Among our many electric, zero-clearance and wood-burning units and partner fireplace companies, we have grown a special fondness for the fireplace whizzes at Valor. They have proven time and again that they are the masters of gas fireplace craftsmanship and engineering and as the original gurus in radiant heat, they’ve gone above and beyond with their ingenious Heat Shift technology. Valor uses ceramic glass and efficient radiant heat to coy up your living space. Like the sun, radiant heat emits radiant rays and spreads warmth that is absorbed into the room and furniture, making each literal piece and space of the room feel warmer. 

Their unique Heat Shift system now transfers the convective heat upwards through hidden ducts and directs it back into the room. This convection airflow is perfect for circulating heat back into your room at higher elevations and even better for reducing wall temperatures - making design opportunities greater.

You can now mount that television directly above your fireplace and finish the surroundings with your choice of wood, tile and stone, with no worries of destruction. The Heat Shift technology can also be installed vertically above, or even on side outlets if your fireplace hearth comes out of the wall - another great hiding spot. Bypass any fan by using gravity and Valor’s ingenuity.

Not convinced? Look into distributing heat into other parts of your home and managing the coziness with their Remote Blower. Shop our selection of Valor Linear, H5 and H6 fireplace series on our fireplace page located in the main vertical menu on our Barbecues Galore website. 

Valor fireplaces Heat shift technology distributes heat evenly by moving the air upwards and keeping the walls around your fireplace cool.

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