Get Hot Over Wi-Fi Compatible Fireplaces

The future is now, people. 
Valor and Majestic fireplace brands are heating up the WiFi zone. 

Even non-supporters of technology-run automation homes can get behind the  idea of WiFi controllable fireplaces. Who doesn't want that warm feeling in your heart at just the touch of a button...OK that may take more than a fireplace, but if you enjoy nights alone by the fire then this will excite you.

Valor G3 fireplace. FenderFire with double doors and glowing flames.

Valor's myfire APP and Majestic's promises for WiFi compatible control system to be added to their IntelliFire Technology will be game-changing.   

Valor's myfire iOS and Android APP boasts intuitive and interactive energy saving features such as: timers, temperature controls, flame and lighting controls, as well as fan speed and ECO mode. Set an entire mood before you even get home. Being a host has never been so easy. 

Majestic Fireplaces technology, understandably named IntelliFire, is the intermittent-pilot ignition system (IPI) and smartly allows you, the homeowner, to conserve fuel and money when the fireplace is not in use by controlling your fuel and flame via wall switch or wireless remote control. Once this becomes WiFi compatible you will be able to enjoy the ease of turning your fireplace ON and OFF from anywhere and conserving up to $10/month in energy costs. 

"IntelliFire Plus (IPI Plus) takes this technology to the next level with more safety and memory settings. IntelliFire Touch is the most advanced and intuitive IntelliFire system, making operating your fireplace simple, smart and safe. Select the wireless wall switch, touchscreen remote control, or iOS app for the solution that fits your life." 

Some may say the tech industry is invading our homes, but the new developments of efficient home automation - particularly being able to control the temperature of your fireplace with the comfort of knowing your home is safe - is an advancement in the right direction for any Canadian. 

Come December, we don't think anyone will complain. What could be better than knowing you're walking into a warm home as opposed to having to wait for the heat to kick in, or leaving your heating on all day and racking up a bill? 

We suspect future advancements to be tea or hot chocolate readily waiting by that fireplace - sans human involvement.

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