Valor Portrait President Freestanding Stove Fireplace Review

Why choose the Portrait President Freestanding Stove by Valor?

We all know Valor fireplaces are the best fireplaces in Canada. The Valor Portrait President Freestanding Stove gas fireplace, also simply known as the President Stove, is no different. Out of all Valor fireplaces, why do so many people install this freestanding stove in their Calgary or GTA homes?

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People absolutely love the versatile beauty that the President Stove provides. The sleek black frame with all its accents and trims belongs in just about any home. At first glance, the fireplace is minimalist enough to fit in modern-styled homes and yet the freestanding build makes it look great in rustic-styled homes, as well. Although it looks great on the outside, they say real beauty is on the inside - keep reading.

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Style options for the President Stove 

Every home and home owner is different. That's why you'll get your pick of different style combinations that can go inside the Portrait President. Let's get into it (pun intended):

You can get a classic Red Brick Liner, innovative Reflective Glass Liner to make your flames look bigger and ambient, or minimalistic Fluted Black to draw all the attention to the flame (as shown in the top row, from left to right). You also have the option of Coals, Rocks, Driftwood Logs, or Traditional Logs (as shown in the bottom row, from left to right) for the flames sit in.

Freestanding Stove Fireplace Design Options

See how your Portrait President will look like with your desired combination in your home with Valor's Design Centre: 


Venting for the President Stove

Another great aspect of the President Stove is how easy it will be for our trusted installation team to get it working in your home. With it's venting exposed outside of the wall, there's no need to plan too far ahead of your renovations nor tear down any walls. So, not only is it easy for us, it's easy for you!

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Specifications for the Valor Portrait President Models

Portrait President Fireplace BTU Rating

Click here to check out the President Stove brochure by Valor

Valor Fireplaces President Control Panel

The President Stove also includes a convenient panel that gives you easy access to manual controls and the batteries, so you won't have to reach behind any sharp metal or tight spaces. 



Although this is a great unit, we do come across customers that leave happier with other units. Yes, we love the style of a Scandinavian-style freestanding stove but many people prefer a fireplace that's flush with the wall, like our fireplaces that are available here.

Viewing Area for Portrait President Fireplace


Also, depending on the size of the room you place the fireplace in, the Portrait can look relatively small. Specifically, the viewing area is 28" tall and 24-1/2" wide. While it's meant to be a smaller unit, if you have this fireplace in the corner of a large living room, for instance, it may look strange; however, having this fireplace in a bedroom or a smaller living room will look great. Due to this, families who plan to heat a larger space opt for Valor's larger H6 Series gas fireplace.

Final Review on the President Stove

The Valor Portrait President Freestanding Stove gas fireplace is an incredible unit - plain and simple.

The President Stove is an exceptional unit. With a maximum output of over 15, 000 BTUs on the natural gas unit, your living space will get nice and toasty in no time after turning it on. Don't forget you can also lower the heat to your specific needs, as well. 

Another notable benefit of this fireplace is it's quick installation when you've got experienced gas fitters like us. We don't mean to gloat, but we are proud to show off our talented fireplace installation team. That being said, our trusted guys can get the President Stove installed in just three short hours - that means your home heating solution will be finished within the day! 

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