4 Seasons of Valor: Pilot Lights on Fireplaces

Fall. What happened? Days are shorter, leaves are changing colors, and suddenly, we are all contemplating which socks to wear.

Fall is a shoulder season.

If you have an efficient gas fireplace, this is likely the time when you want to start using it again, rather than cranking up that big furnace. If you don’t have a gas fireplace...well then it is obviously time to visit one of our stores to discover the many benefits (cost efficiency, aesthetic, HEAT) of installing a radiant gas fireplace

For those of you that enjoy and thrive when using your gas fireplace, have you got that whole “pilot light” thing figured out? We hope so, otherwise those toes must be curled.

Here is two cents worth of valuable information from Valor about pilot lights in your gas fireplace:

Is it a good idea to leave the pilot light on? 


*very articulate these guys are...*

Valor Fireplace with pilot light operation

You can decide for yourself! The pilot light system was created for gas appliances as a method of stopping gas from flowing into the appliance, in case the burner was snuffed out. If the pilot light goes out, then the gas valve shuts off.

Today, we have newer technologies emerging that offer the same level of safety, without using a pilot light - some people call it a standing pilot. You would think it looks like this.

But actually, we are talking about something that looks like this:

pilot light inside a Valor fireplace

When it comes to how you use your gas fireplace, it is important to know how the pilot light effects you.

It’s best to turn off the pilot light in the summer time. It saves gas and increases comfort when the outdoor temperatures are over 21 C.

That brings us to now.  Fall. 

Some days are nice and some days are downright nasty. On the colder days, the pilot light should be left on. Here are the practical reasons:

  • It keeps the window clear and clean
  • The window is only a single piece of glass and the fireplace is connected to an uninsulated vent pipe – which is nothing like double and triple glazed windows. So with the pilot on, heat loss through the glass window is eliminated.
  • Efficient fireplaces, such as Valor, use the pilot light to ensure that the thermostatic features can function more reliably that electronic ignition systems.

I hope this helps you embrace the frosts of fall. Once daylight savings time kicks in and winter really arrives, watch for the WINTER season tips on gas fireplaces.

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