What To Consider When Selecting Patio Furniture


Comfort is the most important feature of any patio set. Who wants to spend 10 minutes in a set only to get ‘ants in your pants’ because you’re no longer comfortable? Thought so. At Barbecues Galore, we like to refer to comfort as ‘tush-appeal’. If your tush don’t like the cush, keep on looking. You’ll thank us later.

Depending on how long you’d like your guests to stay, look for a six-inch loft - industry jargon for a thick, plush cushion. A lot of companies use a three-inch loft in order to cut costs.

Also consider how much support the piece offers. If you’re going to spend hours in that chair, you’ll want something with a higher back that won’t leave you with aches and pains when you get up. How does it feel when you rest your head back?



Pick fabrics that are UV and weather resistant. Sunbrella is the gold standard for patio furniture fabric. This warranty protects against fading and mildew damage, which is a great segue into the importance of choosing a set that has a long warranty.

For example, a good quality cast aluminum set should have a 10- to 15-year warranty, five years is most common for wicker. You do want furniture that will last more than just one summer, right?


Buying furniture for your outdoor space should be similar to purchasing indoor furniture. Find a style and fabric that complements your outdoor space. Consider the colour of your brick, the stain of your deck, as well as other pieces in your backyard such as umbrellas. You should also decide whether you want a traditional look or something more contemporary.

Not ready to go all in on a set with a bright colourful cushions? Go neutral and add accents like toss pillows and patio rugs, which allow you to change up the colours as often as you’d like.

Size, Arrangement and Function

Measure your space before you start looking. This will save any heartbreak when you fall head over heels for a set and then get home and discover it just wasn’t meant to be.

Many people who have room for either dining or deep seating decide to have a seating arrangement around a gas fire pit table. These deep seating pieces are usually a lot more comfortable than a dining chair.

Take into consideration how many tushes you need to accommodate. If your house is entertainment central, pick a set up that allows for your usual entourage to sit comfortably. If you have a smaller brigade, then consider whether you prefer a love seat and a few chairs or swivel club chairs or just a collection of club chairs.

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