Winterize Your Outdoor Kitchen...or You'll Regret It

Time to winterize your outdoor kitchen - unless you aren't planning on grilling next summer, in which case you may be on the wrong website... 

Outdoor Kitchen with grill head, accessories and compartments

I guess we can't ignore it for much longer. It has snowed, it has melted, it has snowed again and it has been as indecisive as ever. It. Is. Time. 

5 Simple Steps That Are So Easy You May Have Forgotten:

Unplug both your electronic equipment and yourself from the viscous rabbit hole that is the internet. Spend the holidays off the grid

Turn everything off. Save your dollars for the bbq tools, gifts and stocking stuffers and turn off your gas and water supply lines that are not being used.

Drain your ice makers and sinks. No one likes opening up the barbecue on the first day of Spring only to notice they have a couple litres of brown water to de-ice. Actually no one likes this even on a regular day.

Looking to add compartments to your outdoor kitchen? Do you need parts, tools or accessories? Stop by any of our five locations across Canada in Calgary and The Greater Toronto Area for more help from an expert, or send us an email here

This is a great time to take advantage of cleaning your surfaces, ventilation and inside your are on holidays after all. For grills you will want to pick up a degreaser like this one here and then remove your cooking grates. Give the grates a good spray and soak in a bucket of warm water, using a bristle-free brush remove the debris from the grates and, burners and warming rack. Put your parts back together. For cast iron grates use a clean rag to rub vegetable oil over top. Heat the grill to a high temperature for about 25 minutes or until black/brown, this will mean they are well seasoned an ready for another use. Don't forget to empty any grease trays or crumb trays in pizza ovens and store your propane properly.  Speaking of pizza ovens, be sure not to use abrasive brushes on the exterior and instead follow up the cleaning process with a polish, For the interior a bristled brush will work fine.

Brander Cleaner and Degreaser For All Grates and Grills  Steel bristle free grill cleaning brush sold at Barbecues Galore Stainless Steel Polish For The Exterior of Your Grill

Don't forget to apply protective coating and protective covers and if you don't have any yet, or you have a friend who is being way too risky with their beautiful built-in barbeque, then stop by and wrap him up a present. Protective covers will keep your barbecue safe from the elements and hopefully any unwanted guests of the animal-variety.

 Protective cover for the Napoleon Pro665 Built In BBQ Sold at Barbecues Galore

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