What is a Zero Clearance Fireplaces?

You have probably heard the words zero-clearance while deep in the Google-sphere, or when searching up fireplace inspiration on Pinterest. *Hint: The best fireplace inspo is on our Facebook page.

However the search began, it all ends here, because we are going to clear things up...and heat them up while we're at it.  

If you're a new home owner who recently moved into a drafty home, or empty-nesters ready to revamp your now kid-free home, then you'll want to start your crash course of fireplaces with zero-clearances.

Zero-clearance fireplaces are pre-manufactured fireplaces that can be placed directly against combustible materials. This is because they are made of material that keep the outside of the fireplace cooler than the inside. Simple as that. 

Zero Clearance fireplace from Barbecues Galore

They have a unit box that has the ability to fit directly on walls, wood and more, therefore eliminating the need for a buffer and they can fit into smaller spaces. This gives builders, renovators and home-owners more options for placement. 

Great news right? You can build your dream fireplace with wood trims or paneling without the worry of burning the whole place down.

The front of the fireplace is designed to radiate heat so make sure that only the back, top, bottom and sides are touching combustibles.

Zero-clearance fireplaces have become up to 70% more efficient for renovated homes, in comparison to an older, traditional fireplace that has an opening in  the wall with a flue to the chimney.  Zero-Clearance units use less heat and less energy is being wasted through the chimney.

Here is the next step: 

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Zero clearance fireplace in customer's home from Barbecues Galore