Pork cooking tip


Think pork has to be so overdone it flakes like fish? Think again. Of course, safe handling and cooking of food is always a priority, but this ain't your grandma's pork! Today's pork is lower in fat and cholesterol than ever before (oh, but still so delicious). And, trichinosis, the bug that cooking was meant to destroy is virtually nonexistent in today's pork, and in any case is destroyed in any meat cooked to an internal temperature of 137 degrees Fahrenheit, well below the 160 degrees Fahrenheit (70 degrees Celsius) for a medium doneness. So, with pork, the message is MEDIUM! Cook pork slowly and to a medium doneness, and the tenderness and delicious flavour of your pork is sure to impress. For more information on pork check out www.albertapork.ca.

Here are some recipes using pork!


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