Cherry Smoked Pork Tenderloin

We’re cooking up some pork tenderloin using a simple spice rub and we’re adding some cherry wood smoke to the mix.  The rub has lots of flavour but is low on heat.  It’s interesting enough for the adults but basic enough for the kids.  We’re using cherry wood because pork works so well with the flavour from fruit woods.  Also, cherry smells fantastic as it’s burning.

Vaguely Exotic, Tasty Spice Rub Ingredients:

3 Tbsp brown sugar

1 Tbsp kosher salt

1 Tbsp ground pepper

1 Tbsp garlic powder

1 Tbsp chili powder

1 Tbsp dried thyme

1 Tbsp fennel seeds

1 tsp paprika

This should create enough rub to treat about six pork tenderloins or six large chicken breasts.If you have extra, keep it fresh in a jar or canister in a cool, dry space.


Assemble your Ingredients
Assemble your ingredients.

Mash Up Rub Ingedients
Mash up the rub ingredients with a mortar and pestle. 

Work Rub into Tenderloins and Let Sit for an Hour or Two
Work the rub into the tenderloins and let sit for an hour or two.

Fill up Smoker Box with Wood Chips
Fill your smoker box up with wood chips.

Add Water to Wood Chips - Add Enough that Wood Chips are Moist
Add enough water so that the wood chips are moist.  That way they’ll smoke instead of burn (see ‘Tipster’ information below).

Turn on Barbecue and Place Smoke Box Under Cooking Grills
Turn on your barbecue and place your smoker box under your cooking grills with as much exposure to heat as is possible. 

Keep Heat on High Until You See Wood Chips Burning, and Then Turn Down
Keep the heat on the barbecue on high until you see the wood chips start to burn and then turn the barbecue down.

Should See Smoke Coming out
At this point you should have lots of smoke coming out of your smoker box.

Grill Tenderloins on Medium Heat
Grill your tenderloins on medium heat until finished (I sort of burnt the ends on this attempt – playoff hockey, tough to stay focused.)

You May End Up Smelling Like Smoke
Warning: you, and your ‘helper’ if you’re lucky enough to have one, may end up smelling like smoke after you’re finished. In this case, that’s a good thing.

Finished and Plated Cherry Smoke Tenderloin
Enjoy your scrumptious pork tenderloin.

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