Rub Tip - How to Perfectly Apply a Rub

Here’s tip #1:  Make sure that the rub you’re going to use is in a shaker jar or easy to handle container BEFORE you start rubbing.  Once you start rubbing, your hands will soon be coated with fat, juice and well, ‘stuff’ from the meat you’re rubbing; it’s a bit of a mess.  So you don’t want to be grabbing your main rub container with your mucky mitts. 


Tip #2:  Plan on giving your meat two coats of rub.  Once you work the first coat into the meat you’ll find that a lot of the rub seems to disappear.  The second coat will give you a nice even layer that typically forms a crust on the outside of the meat once you start grilling.


Give this rub recipe a try!

Spiced Coffee Rub 

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