Turkey Fryer Recipe

So, you’ve thawed, dusted, marinaded and injected the poor bird – the moment is here to FRY THAT BIRD. Here’s a step-by-step, easy to follow, turkey fryer recipe:    

Deep Fried Turkey Recipe

Set Up

Measure the amount of oil required; generally 3 - 5 liters. Place turkey (while still in packaging) in pot and fill with water until the turkey is completely submerged. Remove turkey and make a note as to the level of water in the pot.  Empty and dry the pot then fill to the same level with oil. Peanut oil is generally  recommended because of it's high smoking temperature.

Deep Fried Turkey Recipe


Preheat the oil, this will generally take half an hour. Place the unit outside on a secure surface; concrete is usually recommended. Keep a close eye on the temperature gauge (make sure it is reading the temperature properly). Light the burner and heat the oil until the temperature is between 325 and 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

Deep Fried Turkey Recipe


Place the turkey in the deep fryer basket. Turn off the burner and wearing protective gloves place the basket and turkey in the oil; there is often oil splatter so use caution. Relight the burner and ensure the temperature goes back up to 325 - 350 degrees. As soon as the turkey is in the oil start the timer.

The turkey will need to cook for 3 to 3 1/2 minutes per  pound. Check the turkey by turning off the burner, hooking the basket at the top of the pot, and inserting a temperature gauge into the breast. The temperature should read 180 degrees. Once the required temperature has been reached let the turkey drain completely while still in the basket over the oil. Move to a platter allow to sit for 20 minutes and then carve, eat and enjoy.

Clean Up

Before cleaning up allow the oil and burner to cool completely. Filter the oil with either a funnel or a pump and store in safe container for it's next use. Thoroughly clean the pot with soap and water.

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