Asian Grilled Chicken Wings Recipe

This recipe was officially tested 'in the field' by Scandia Honey.



4 pounds of chicken wings
½ cup honey
½ cup white sugar 
¼ cup gin 
2 tablespoons mashed garlic cloves 
¼ cup ketchup 
¼ cup soy sauce 
1 cup oyster sauce 
½ cup teriyaki sauce


First thing's first - have a drink. We started with "Killer Bee Dark Honey Ale" from Penticton's Tin Whistle Brewery. Don't think you can get this in Alberta or Ontario which is a shame as it's a delicious beer. You can taste the honey but, unlike some of its competitors, it tastes fully like beer - not like liquid Honey Nut Cheerios.

Assemble your ingredients. Admission: in this picture the gin from the recipe is, um, 'busy' elsewhere and I have a chunk of ginger in the picture instead of the garlic that is actually used in the recipe. If you squint really hard whilst looking at the photo, you'll hardly notice anything's wrong. Of course, your chicken wings will taste better and more attractive to members of the opposite sex if you use 'Scandia Fields Honey' (

Mix up the marinade ingredients, toss in the chicken wings, stir and then let marinate overnight. It's a good idea to reserve some of the marinade and keep it for basting your wings as they come off the grill.

Place your wings on the grill.

Remember, there's lots of honey and sugar in this recipe. So, don't let the heat get too high and keep the wings turning.

How will you know they're done for sure? Eat one - or two.

Asian Grilled Chicken Wings
Baste the wings with your reserved marinade and enjoy. This recipe's a winner - it's got enough flavour for the more adventurous in the crowd and yet it's not spicy at all. I'm not convinced that it was absolutely necessary to sacrifice the gin, but one certainly couldn't argue with the finished product. Give this one a try.

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