Tipster: Cooking your Christmas Turkey

Here’s the tip - barbecue your bird.  That’s right, get out there and grill that turkey, there’s plenty of ways to do it.  In all cases, your bird will have more flavour and character than if you simply used the oven.  The secret is to keep your bird moist as turkey can easily dry out.

Rotisserie turkey. The simplest way to barbecue your turkey is to use your rotisserie.  It’s particularly easy if you have a rear rotisserie burner in your grill.  Check the turning power of your rotisserie motor in advance to make sure it can handle the weight of your meal.  And, spend extra time in advance insuring that the turkey is evenly balanced on your spit rod. 

Roasting your turkey. Roasting your bird right on the grill is another option.  Depending on the size of the turkey and the bbq, you may have to turn and flip occasionally to make sure that no one part of the bird receives too much heat.

Beer can turkey.  Works for chicken right?  Give it a shot with turkey. This method quickly solves the moisture problem associated with most turkey cooking methods.  The only hitch is finding a big enough beer can.  Fosters makes a big can that works well for medium sized birds. The other option of course is to use the Turkey Cannon.

Smoking your turkey.  Look, this is a bit tricky.  More art than science.  For the sake of your marriage give this a dry run once or twice before

December 25th.  Trust us on this.

Try one of these recipes for this years Christmas feast!

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