Infusion Poultry Roaster Recipe

What else could one of recipes be, except barbecued turkey using a turkey cannon? It really is a delicious way to prepare the centerpiece to the festive feast, and the advantages of using the cannon include more moisture within the bird, less cooking time, and an oven freed up for other things. You will need one bird, some herbs and melted butter to coat it, a turkey roaster, and some liquid to fill it – the best use yet for dad’s homemade wine!

1. Preheat the barbecue. Then, after cleaning the bird (check BOTH ‘cavities’ for surprise packages of innards) and drying it, prepare the turkey cannon by putting it on a barbecue worthy cooking sheet with edges (to catch the juice). Fill it with whatever liquid you choose.

2.  Delicately place the bird onto the cannon – this won’t hurt a bit. Though it can be a bit of a balancing act depending on the size of your bird. Breast and wingtips up.


3. With your bird in place, the cannon filled with liquid, and the bird possibly tied down, rub the melted butter and poultry spices (sage, salt, pepper, whatever you like to use) all over the bird.


4.  Turn off the inner burners of the barbecue (you don’t want direct heat under the bird – it’ll burn, turn the other burners down to medium or lower (the internal temperature of the barbecue should be hovering just above 300, and place the turkey onto the middle of the barbecue.

5.  Because wing tips tend to burn, and breast meat cooks more quickly than the rest of the turkey, you may choose to put foil on the breast and wingtips. Remove the foil for the last hour or so of cooking so your turkey will look beautifully brown.

6. Close the lid… if you don’t, Christmas dinner will be seriously delayed.

7.  Baste the turkey frequently with juices accumulating in the pan, and also turn the turkey occasionally to ensure even cooking.

8.  Test the turkey for doneness with a meat thermometer placed in the innermost part of the thigh. It should read AT LEAST 165 degrees F.

9. Let the bird rest a while (foil it to keep the moisture and heat in), so that it can reabsorb the juices before carving.

10. There isn’t much cleanup with barbecue meals, but when there are furry friends around to help like this guy, it goes even quicker!

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