BBQ Cranberry & Apple Chutney Recipe

By: Chef Harold
Seranda is a sweet young lady who is in charge of our purchasing department here at Barbecues Galore headquarters.  Her husband Harold is a talented chef.  One night, after working through the business end of a bottle of Drambuie (ugh!), we dared him to come up with a barbecued cranberry sauce recipe for Christmas.  To be honest we didn’t think he’d pull it off.  After all, this is a world first; uncharted territory.  But, the man came through and produced an extremely tasty recipe for barbecued cranberry sauce.  It’s simple and doesn’t take long at all.  Grill it up a day or two before Christmas and present the sweet, smoky goodness to your guests on the big day.  We’re impressed Harold.


- 600 Grams Fresh Cranberries 1 C. 
- Cran-apple juice 1 C. 
- Chicken or Turkey stock ½ C. 
- Diced Red Onion 1 C. 
- Diced Apple ¼ C. 
- Grand Marnier 1C.  
- Palm or Brown Sugar 1 T. 
- Ketchup 2 tsp 
- Dijon Mustard 1 tsp 
- Hot Sauce 2 T. 
- Worcestershire ¼ C. 
- Balsamic Vinegar ¼ C. 
- Sherry Vinegar 1/8 tsp
- Liquid Smoke 1 ½ T.
- Fresh Chopped Ginger 2 
- Cloves Chopped Garlic
- 1 tsp each Poultry Seasoning,
- Fresh Sage & Thyme
- Salt & Pepper

Heat BBQ with cast iron roasting pan and add cranberries.

Pan roast cranberries until their skin splits.

Roast cranberries until skin splits and add remaining ingredients.

Add remaining ingredients.
Simmer and adjust seasonings to taste.
Simmer 10 minutes until tender & sauce has thickened. Adjust seasoning to taste.

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