Dry Turkey On The Barbecue


Dear Dr. M,

I want to cook my turkey on the barbecue this year but I'm worried about it drying out. Any advice?

Signed M. Oyst


Dear M,

Yes, your average grill is a drier environment than your oven. However, there are lots of ways you can cook your turkey in your barbecue that result in a super moist bird.

Firstly, we highly recommend that you 'brine' your bird. Mrs. McGrillemup and I swear we'll never grill a bird without brining it again (see a previous post on that topic at www.barbecuesgalore.ca )

Secondly, adding a drip tray full of liquid to your grill will dramatically increase the humidity.

Thirdly, many folks swear by 'injecting' their turkey before grilling it.

Fourthly, baste, baste, baste.

Finally - Turkey Cannon. Any or all of these methods will more than compensate for the reduced humidity. The result is a tastier bird, an oven inside the house that you can use for other things and a merrier Christmas experience for everyone involved.


Doctor M.

Here are some recipes that use turkey!


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