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Dear Dr. McGrillemup,

I just got back from Maui. While there, my wife hauled the whole family down to a fancy luau that cost me more than the flights. (But that's a letter for another advice columnist.)

My question for you is: The main course at said luau was flank steak that was the best red meat I've ever eaten. Tender doesn't describe it. It was somehow tender, but firm. Almost like a hot but crisp apple, if that makes any sense. While I'm pretty sure I couldn't get away with inviting the beautiful hula dancers to my next outdoor party, I'd sure love to grill up some steaks that tasted like that.

Can you help?

Hawaii Pete


Aloha Pete,

While I'm sure that the seven Mai-tai's and a few coconut-shell bikini tops had a lot to do with your appreciation of the meal, I think you are mostly impressed with flank steak itself. It's one of our family's favourites as well.

In our experience you need to get your head around LONG marinating times. Half a day works, a full day is better and two days is even better still. Also, having some hula dancers around seems to help things taste even better - just my experience.

Here's a synopsis of my current favourite flank steak marinade:

  • Mix 1/4 cup each dijon mustard, soya sauce, whisky, brown sugar and green onions.
  • Marinate 24 hours or longer in Ziploc bag
  • Grill hot and brief.

Doctor M.

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