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Gotta Have Mole

 One of our favourite menu items here at The Hot Line is mole. That is, the Mexican sauce which contains chocolate, and not the tiny shrew-like creature that wrecks your lawn (our discussion on grilling and how it does involve the tiny, shrew-like creatures is a totally separate one). Mole, the Mexican sauce, is pronounced "mole-eh" as in: "Look at that guy's face, he's got one huge mole, eh."
 Mole sauce almost always contains chocolate. And, as we all know, chocolate is for lovers. It is a known fact that a little bit of chocolate increases your sexual appetite by at least 34% (editors note: hard data, statistics and actual proof not available at this time). So, mole for Valentine's Day is a natural choice. However, mole can be a bit time consuming to prepare. That is, until now. Simple, delicious and it saves you time; time that you can spend making the love instead of making the mole.
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