Tuna Fish - Sear it on the Grill

Tuna is one of the most delicious things you can cook on the grill. Most people seem to prefer it 'seared' so the time it spends on the grill is very limited. Mind you, if you're going to sear a tuna steak you need to make sure that you have a barbecue that will get hot enough to do a proper job of searing the fish. 


Grilled Tuna and Lemon

An infrared searing burner is a perfect piece of equipment for this. Many barbecues on the market these days offer a searing burner that will achieve face melting temperatures (about 1200 degrees Fahrenheit) as an optional piece of equipment and we think that nobody should have to live without one.


Turns out that most of the tuna we grill here in Canada is Yellowfin tuna caught in the South Pacific and the Philippines. There is another type of tuna caught off the coast of Canada called 'Canadian Albacore Tuna'. Trouble is, it's a little 'soft' for grilling so save it for your sandwiches. The largest tuna in the world is the Bluefin which is an Atlantic and Mediterranean fish. These fish can grow up to fifteen feet long, weigh up to 1,000 pounds and swim faster than Mark Spitz after a triple espresso.


All tuna stocks seem to be sensitive to overfishing in the world's oceans these days but the Bluefin is in particularly poor shape (I wonder why - there's only about five trillion more sushi restaurants around than there were ten years ago.)

Hungry for grilled Tuna now? Give this recipe a try!

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