Asparagus and Salami Rolls

We’ve grilled asparagus with bacon before in the Hot Line. This combination of the salami with cream cheese adds a luxurious twist (thanks to Zena for showing us this little trick). You can prepare these rolls the day before and have them ready to hit the grill in the morning.  


A couple of bunches of asparagus
Cream cheese of your choosing
Some tasty salami (we used hot calabrese which pairs nicely with the comforting, soothing cool of the cream cheese)


Lop the woody end off of your asparagus. Sure, you can snap them all by hand but this is quicker and you’re going to be short on time.

Par-boil the asparagus in boiling water for about two minutes. Just enough time to soften the asparagus. This step locks in the bright green colour.

Out of the sauna and into a bowl of ice-cold water to arrest the cooking process. Now your asparagus can sit around for awhile (even overnight if you want) without further attention.

Spread the cream cheese onto your salami. Don’t be shy.

When spreading cream cheese it is preferable to use an on-theme implement. Things just taste better that way.

Take about five pieces of asparagus, lay them in the cream-cheese covered salami and wrap.

Fasten the salami onto the asparagus rolls by putting two toothpicks ‘Kerplunk Style’ through the roll and salami. These rolls are now ready to grill – immediately or the next day.

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