No, not the ancient Egyptian city of Memphis - that's next month. This month we're talking about Memphis, Tennessee: home of the blues, birthplace of rock and roll and cradle of American barbecue.
Memphis is not Disneyland. It is not manicured, lacquered, pasteurized Americana. In fact, it's a bit scruffy. However, if you are at all interested in the roots of American music or great barbecued food, I would HIGHLY recommend you check it out. (If you're interested in both of those things, book your ticket today). Graceland, Sun Studios, The Rock and Soul Museum and the Gibson guitar factory are all right there surrounded by some serious rib joints. After you've gorged yourself on barbecued food and musical history, you might be ready for a break. As one of my friends said after a long day of music tours, "If I see one more guitar I think I'm going to puke." Then it's time to check out the National Civil Rights Museum. Well worth the visit, and a definite eye opener for a sheltered, Canadian prairie boy.

Southern barbecue have your attention? 

Memphis Ribs Recipe
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