Beer and Barbecue

Beer and barbecue: a natural pairing at least as old as fermentation, if not fire. So it’s a fitting subject for the Hot Line, especially during the long hot month of July.  

Maybe you think beer and barbecue and you picture your weather-ready griller, enduring the blazing sun, beads of sweat on the brow, finding what refreshment he or she can in a favourite beer. But -- and this may come as a lightening bolt out of the blue for some – beer isn’t just for drinking anymore. Beer has many uses actually IN the food, some of which involve only partial cans or bottles of beer, actually, which means SOMEbody has to volunteer to take the first third off the top…  it’s a dirty job…

So, certainly, keep the cooler stacked with your favourites, throw a few new ones in there to expand your horizons. What could be finer.

Here is a few recipes with the good stuff!

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