Maple Syrup | Real vs Fake?


Hi Doc,

We’ve been invited for the past few years to our neighbour’s Stampede breakfast event. We’re very happy to be invited but, we have an ethical dilemma: they serve fake syrup. You know, the kind that comes in an anthropomorphic bottle. Do we say something?


Conn Flicted


Dear Mr. Flicted,

Tough one.

If you’re serving 5,000 people in a parking lot, we can let the syrup thing slide. If you’re flipping flapjacks for a horde of drunken geologists at eight in the morning, we can also forgive the slip in authenticity.

But a small private event? Well, I think we have to stand on our Canadian principles at some point don’t we? In my opinion their home should be avoided at all costs, and, possibly, egged. A message needs to be sent.

Yours in Syrup,

Doctor McGrillemup

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