Tipster: Sweat Peppers

Don't sweat the small stuff but definitely sweat the peppers. Once you grill a red pepper to within an inch of its peppery little life, you release a truckload of sugar and end up with an incredibly sweet, earthy flavour. The trick is that you have to get the skin off of the pepper before you serve it. Otherwise it's like eating something coated in burnt leaves. Yuck. The trick is to put the peppers in a sealed plastic bag and let them sweat for awhile so that the skin is easy to remove. A paper bag will work too but we've found that plastic is better. Also, the longer you can leave the peppers to sweat -- the more it loosens up the skin. Half an hour seems about right. For a real showstopper -- roast your red peppers inside in your wood fireplace in the winter.

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