Grill Bread

I like meat as much as the next guy.  In fact, it’s fair to say that I like meat more than the next guy – maybe even the next two or three guys.  But, as I believe the old saying goes, “Man does not live on meat alone.”  So, every once in awhile we have to put down our cleavers and grill something else for our friends and families to eat.  Vegetables yes, I hear that they’re important.  Also, as you know, we’re happy to grill fruit (remember the rhubarb martinis?).  But instead we’re going to grill up some bread.  And no, we’re not going to just throw some pre-made garlic bread on the grill to get warm – that’s not grilling, that’s pathetic.

Here is a recipe using grilled bread!

Warm Grilled Panzanella Salad

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