Tipster: baking outside

Any type of baking you can do inside can also be done on your barbecue outside. Now, to be fair, you sacrifice a fair amount of control and consistency when you move your baking outdoors but, hey, you probably need a little chaos in your life anyway. So get outside and do some baking. Keep the following in mind:
  • Before you bake in your barbecue, make sure to give your grills a thorough scrubbing. If you make someone a birthday cake that ends up smelling like pork tenderloin, you're going to hear about it.
  • Because there's a lot more air flow in a barbecue than an indoor oven, there is increased convection current which results in faster baking times than you're used to indoors.
  • You will always be using indirect grilling when baking on your barbecue. In this case, it's tough to accomplish without at least three burners. If you don't have three or more burners - keep the baking indoors (or buy a new barbecue from us - just sayin').
  • A ceramic pizza stone is a great addition to your grill when baking. It spreads out the heat and gives an even surface for your baked products.

Here are some recipes for other baking on the barbecue!

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