Grilling Cheese

It's November. And what does that mean around here in barbecue-land? Well for us, it means that we get to see how serious you people were when you told us "What, me? Oh, I grill all year round, yes sir, twelve months of the year. Rain or shine, hot or cold. That's how I roll with my protein: all grilled - all the time." You see, we hear that a LOT in the stores during the spring and summer when the sap, shall we say, is a bit high. And then, winter comes creeping into autumn like a determined tax collector and behold: many of the big-talk barbecue heroes are inside cowering next to their toaster ovens and crock pots. So, where do you stand on cold-weather grilling? Are you with us or against us? If you're on the fence about grilling in colder weather how about this: how about we give you a Blog so supercharged with grilling tips and ideas that you'll feel yourself irrevocably compelled to get out and grill your next dinner? Sounds powerful yes? It is. It is, because it's powered by cheese. The laughing Cow and Planked Nachos Cheese is nothing if not versatile. You can use so many different types of cheeses on a huge variety of grilled dishes. From a simple pat of blue cheese on a hamburger (my favourite) to a smoked quiche with bacon and fontina. Outside of the store that my kids know as 'dad's happy place' , the cheese store has to be the most educational shopping trip you can make. What other store gives you a geography lesson with every purchase? Every time you try a new cheese, you get a peek into the history and culture of a different part of the world. Wandering around a cheese store exposes you to dozens of languages, hundreds of regions - and a few smells too. It's for that reason that I'm encouraging the cheese industry to change their slogan to: "There's a travelogue in every bite". How about that cheese industry? A new slogan - and it's FREE. Beat that Madison Avenue.

Cheese Store
Only peril can bring the French together. One can't impose unity out of the blue on a country that has 265 different kinds of cheese.

Here is some recipes with Cheese!

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