BBQ Baking

For some reason, a lot of our customers have trouble imagining using their backyard grills for more than just grilling steaks and hamburgers. The truth of the matter is that these hot and loyal machines behind our homes are good for so much more. In addition to being great at grilling they're also terrific as ovens. Cookies, pies, lasagna, pizza - you name it - it can all be baked in your barbecue. You might have to modify your recipes and cook times a little but you'll get it figured out quickly. Now, between us friends, when you do your baking outside you definitely miss out on the delicious smell inside your home. For that reason alone, I can understand why some people don't use their barbecues for baking. However, what if I told you that there was a baked bread that was genuinely elevated by the dry, convection heat a barbecue can provide? You guessed it: the humble bagel. Delicious from the oven - even better from the barbecue. Perfect with just a 'hint', a 'whisper' a 'suggestion' of woodsmoke. Delicious.

Here are some recipes for other baking on the barbecue!

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