Mother's Day Brunch (On The Grill)

Moms are often one of the under-celebrated heroes of the world. This Mother's Day, treat her to Mother's Day brunch prepared on the barbecue. This should prevent another Mothers’ day morning full of frantic shoulder checking and last minute shopping. The menu for the entire meal is laid out for you below. (Don't worry we've provided you with recipes too!) It’s simple. Do a good job with this process and then, just maybe, you’ll get a new barbecue for Father’s Day.


Set Table with Flowers

Mother's Day Brunch Menu:

Here are a few tips so you can get breakfast on the table in good time:

  • Prepare the asparagus rolls the night before so all you have to do is grill them in the morning.
  • Plan on about an hour of time to start and complete the fruit salad. Grilling the pineapple and mango will take a bit more time than you think. The chopping you can delegate to a sous chef if you have one around the house. It’s a good idea to finish the fruit salad early, it can sit and wait for the hot items to come off the grill.
  • I had never made hollandaise sauce before. I was surprised that it wasn’t yellow and was told by the family expert that you need to use the ‘yellow yolked eggs’ if you want the hollandaise more yellow. Go figure.
  • Give yourself an hour to prep, grill and plate the Eggs Benny. Maybe a bit longer. That means, you’re going to need better than two hours to put this meal together in the morning. Say ‘no’ to that ninth can of Old Stock the night before so you give mom a morning she deserves.
  • You’re going to need a griddle for your barbecue. You should have one already of course but, if you don’t have one now – get one. Surprise, surprise we happen to have lots of griddle options

  ** For 'brownie points' put a couple tulips in a glass at her spot at the table to make her feel extra special ** 



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