Recipe of The Month: Grilled Nacho Pizza Recipe

What do you call pizza that’s not yours? Nacho pizza!

Feel free to use that one whenever you deem the situation appropriate (ie: when making the pizza, when eating the pizza, when going to your annual checkup, in the middle of a trial of sorts, if trying to entertain yourself when stranded on an island somewhere and your only true hope is that there will be pizza in your future). You’re welcome.

Grilled Nacho Pizza

Serves 4 (or one, depending on your hunger level)


1-pound pizza dough (store-bought or homemade)

All-purpose flour, for your hands

1/3 cup refried beans

¼ cup salsa, plus more, to serve

½ green pepper

8 cherry tomatoes

Pickled jalapenos (we can’t tell you how many to use! You might be a one-slicer, or a whole bottle kinda person… you decide.)

Grated cheese (1-2 cups)

Sour cream, to serve

2 green onions, sliced


Step 1: Assemble your ingredients and preheat the grill to medium heat.

Assembly your Ingredients

Step 2: Divide dough into four equally sized balls, and then stretch or roll the dough out until nice and thin.

Divide dough into Four Equal Sized Balls

Step 3: Place the rolled dough between greased sheets of parchment.

Place Dough Between Greased Parchment Paper

Step 4: Cup up your veggies, yo! But not the onions. Those are for later.

Cut Up Your Vegetables

Step 5: Mix the refried beans and salsa up in a bowl.

Mix Refried Beans and Salsa in a Bowl

Step 6: Place the dough on the grill, and cook until it’s all bubbly.

Place Dough on Grill, Cook Until Bubbley

Step 7: Flip it, and spread the refried bean mixture over top of the cooked side.

Flip Over and Spread Refried Bean Mixture

Step 8: Top immediately with all of your beautifully cut veggies and pickled jalapenos.

Top with Vegetables and Jalapeno

Step 9: Sprinkle cheese over top, and close the lid. Reduce the heat slightly, and let the pizza cook for about 10 minutes, or until the cheese is melted

Sprinkle on Grated Cheese

Step 10: See? Like that.

Top finished Pizza Off with Extra Salsa, Sour Cream, and Green onions

Step 11: Top the finished pizzas with some extra salsa, sour cream, and the green onions. Enjoy!

Finished Grilled Nacho Pizza


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