Cider and barbecue

Oh, cider. You’re like a tastier, happier, more exciting version of apple juice. You’re the champagne of the fruit juice world. The poetic product of an orchard gem. The boozy staple in many-a-home.

Here in Canada, we call the adult version (you know, with the good stuff in it. *wink, wink*) “hard cider,” but there is a non-alcoholic version as well, and that’s what is typically referred to as cider (or, "loser juice"). In the rest of the world, your standard cider is always on the hard side, but this is most likely because Canadians are soft, delicate people who must specify when something is not suitable for children, small, furry animals, or junior hockey teams.

Bottle of Rock Creek Cider
One of our favourite local ciders is Big Rock’s Rock Creek Apple Cider, made with English-style cider apples from the Okanagan. Cider apples are totally different from the regular apples that you’d find at the grocery stores, in the sense that they are all about the acidity and tannins, and they’ve got plenty of sugar to promote fermentation and to raise the final alcohol level in the beverage. Isn’t science tasty?

Now, it’s time to get cooking with your cider. We are full supporters of the “one sip for me, one for the recipe” method, and we highly suggest trying out a locally made cider. After all, an apple a day keeps the doctor away, right? Surely that applies to cider, too…
Have a favourite cider or a recipe using cider? Share your pics and recipes with us on our Facebook page and we might just steal your ideas for ourselves. 

Beer can chicken is an easy, delicious meal that has allowed people to consume both beer and chicken simultaneously for years. You can, believe it or not, change it up by switching the beer out for cider, instead. This results in an oh, so tasty, moist chicken that you’ll be making for years to come. Long live the alcohol-based grilled chicken recipes.
Stainless Steel Beer Can Chicken Roaster
Worried about the mess that could be involved with sitting a chicken on a can of cider or beer and setting that down on the grill? Get yourself a Broil King Chicken Roaster with Pan and avoid the hassle. 

Give this apple cider barbecue sauce a try!

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