Shrimp on the Barbie

Oh, hey there, June! It’s mighty nice of you to arrive; we’ve been waiting for you. Or, rather, our cottages, campers, and grills (obviously) have been waiting for you; we’re just along for the ride. 
Now, naturally, is the time for us to get into FULL-BLOWN GRILLING MODE. That’s right, heat up your grill and throw some shrimp on the Barbie! 
Barbie with Shrimp
These versatile little sea bugs can be cooked in nearly any way, with any spices, seasonings, via any method (grilled, fried, broiled, boiled – plus, they don’t scream like their giant cousin lobsters when you throw them in hot water). 
" I own a yacht, I like pretty girls and I think Shrimpy is an idiotic name. "
Now, obviously shrimps are called shrimps for a reason. The term isn’t exactly associated with masculinity, bad-assness, or PURE, RAW POWER. Dwayne Johnson is called “The Rock” – not “The Shrimp” – and you can’t really picture Al Pacino gently deveining an adorable little decapod. That’s why some people opt for larger shrimp and call ‘em prawns. It’s a much bolder, more macho word.
 A colourful mantis shrimp
If prawns are still too puny for you, go ahead and try to get your 
Actually, we don’t suggest that. They might use their murder sticks on your mouth, and really, that would just suck. So let’s stick to the normal shrimp (or, prawns, as we’re sure Pacino calls them). 
If you've watched Forest Gump then you've probably heard that "shrimpin' ain't easy". If you've watched Forest Gump, then you also know that here are many ways to make and serve shrimp. Here are a few (of many) suggestions:

       Shrimp on the Barbecue              Shrimp on a Grilling Tray               Shrimp on a Salt Plate
You can skewer them...  put 'em on a grilling tray...  or even on a salt plate
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