How to cut a Pineapple

If you’re not grilling pineapple on a regular basis then you’re missing out on a very good thing. There are lots of ways to dress it up (we like it with mint and blueberries and ice cream) but you’ve got to start with the simple preparation of the fruit. This is how we (usually) do it:  

A Whole Pineapple

The victim.

Cutting Off the top of the Pineapple

Cut off the top

.Cutting off the Bottom of the Pineapple

Cut off the bottom.

Shaving off the Sides. Try to Get as Many of the Round Nubbins as Possible

Shave off the sides. Try to get as many of the little round nubbins (industry term) as possible.

Running Knife Down the Middle, and then do it a Second Time to Quarter it

Run the knife down the middle once to halve the pineapple and then run the knife down the middle a second time to quarter it.

Cutting Off Woody, Inner Edges of the Pineapple

Slice off the woody, not so tasty, inner edges of the pineapple.

Sliced Pineapple, Ready for Grilling

Ta-da. Pineapple, ready for grilling.

Now that you're so knowledgeable on cutting pineapple, time to put your skills into action! Try these recipes with pineapple!


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