Food For Thought | Egg-cellent Eggs

Fact: eggs are quite possibly the single best ingredient on the face of the earth. They’re already in your fridge, you can cook them in roughly 5,429 different ways, and throwing a runny, fried egg on top of nearly any dish will improve whatever it is by 320%.

With Easter approaching, eggs are on our minds here at Barbecues Galore. Where do they come from? Do Easter eggs come out pre-coloured? Are they chocolate inside? Do Kinder Surprise eggs originate from a special, rebellious species?!

Deep life questions aside, it’s the perfect time to get your egg on. Get your grill involved in the magical egg-making experience by frying them in a foil cup, scrambling on a griddle, or boiling ‘em in a camping pot. If you’re a bit egg-challenged, download the egg-timer app to make sure they’re perfect every time.

Health Benefits of Eggs
  • Eggs are the most nutrient dense food on the planet - they contain 14 (!) important nutrients, most of which is in the yolk
  • Eggs contain all 9 amino acids that make up a 'complete protein'. All you gym rats out there - quit yolkin' around and eat some eggs already
  • Eggs aren't as bad for your cholesterol as you may think. They actually help prevent heart disease.
  • The more you cook the yolk, the more the composition of the good-bad cholesterol balance changes
  • Eggs are good for the eyes - they contain Lutein which helps reduce age-related blindness
  • Eating eggs for breakfast may reduce your daily calorie intake by upto 400 calories, because they keep you feeling fuller longer 
Avocado Egg Cups

For a fresh take on the traditional 'bird in a hole' recipe. Try this recipe for avocado egg cups. With only four ingredients, it's easy to make on the cheap. Cheap on time and effort. Get crackin'.

Halve an avocado, remove the pit, and drop an egg in the space where the pit was. Throw it on the grill, skin-side down, and cook. Top with sliced green onions and some bacon if you want to create the breakfast/lunch/dinner/snack/dessert/midnight bite of champions. You’re welcome.

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