Best Foods For Winter Grilling

When Old Man Winter comes strolling in, people do one of two things, they either force their barbecue reluctantly into hibernation, or they embrace the cold and grill on. We are in the latter camp. 

We let our grill flag fly and 'weather' the cold, with a few minor adjustments to the foods we cook. There are some important tips to keep in mind while grilling in the Winter in addition to these changes. Read this blog post for more info. 

Winter Grilling on the Broil King Keg 4000

In the Winter, it's important to keep the lid of your barbecue closed to help maintain the proper cooking temperatures inside the grill. Gas grills with either a cast aluminum or double-walled stainless steel cook box are the best for retaining their heat, as well as ceramic smokers.

With that in mind, it's best to choose foods that either cook quickly or require low-and-slow cooking. These foods are less 'needy' - meaning they don't require lots of lid lifting to flip them, toss 'em around or check on their progress. 

We also recommend using a remote thermometer for the larger meats so that you can stay inside warm and cozy, while still keeping an eye on the temperature of both your cook box and your food.

Winter Grilling Roast

Some of the best foods for grilling in Winter include:

  • Spatchcocked chicken - this method helps to cook the chicken faster and more evenly
  • A roast of pork or beef
  • Pulled pork or Brisket
  • Kabobs
  • Pizza 
  • Thin pork chops or steak
  • Butterflied chicken breast 
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