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Looks like all of Canada is due for some nice weather this weekend. Thankfully, things are looking up for both our outdoor grilling days and for the Hamilton vs. Winnipeg game this Grey Cup. To our Calgary fans and customers - enjoy watching this game this weekend at the McMahon Stadium! 
Whoever said tailgating was only for the summer has obviously never enjoyed football during a snow storm and probably isn't Canadian. Pull out the grill or smoker and warm up by leaning closer to your food. 
Here's The Menu That'll Bring The Crowd

The Classic: Chicken Wings 

Chicken wings cooked by Barbecues Galore staff on the Big Green Egg Charcoal Smoker

Do them on the grill, or on the smoker. 

First, oil your racks to prepare for direct heat. Place the wings on the grill at around 350ºF.

Keep the burners on low and wait until crispy - this usually happens around 20 minutes.

Chicken wing's are generally a juicy meat, but it always helps to marinate and add a little flavour beforehand. 

Once browned and at a temperature of 165ºF place the wings in a bowl and toss them in seasoning.

Some sauces and spices you might want to try are:

Chicken Wings cooked by Barbecues Galore staff on the Big Green Egg

For Wings on the Big Green Egg start with good charcoal lumps and a complimenting wood for smokiness. 

After lighting your charcoal with your Charcoal Wand and seasoning your wings, leave them on the smoker for 20-25 minutes and do some other host responsibilities, before finishing them off with a little barbecue sauce. 

The Canadian: Barbecued Brisket Poutine

It's not a party without a poutine and it's not a poutine without beef. 

Celebrate Canada the right way by soaking your peeled potatoes, thinly slicing them and then dunking them basket first into a pot of oil for deep-frying. (Handle with Caution)

Don't forget to over-do it on the cheese curds and finish it off with some shredded beef brisket smothered in barbecue sauce. 

Though the fries may be quick, especially if you opt for store bought, the brisket will need a little leg work. We recommend prepping the day before or early morning, because a good brisket can take up for 14 hours depending on size. Don't forget to cut our the fatty bits and marinade first for a nice finishing crust or bark. Set your ceramic smoker to 250ºF and attach your in-probe thermometer and fan. Set your alarms and wait it out.

For more information on thermometers, fans, apps and alarms and how to smoke the perfect brisket check out our other blog posts.

The Dip: 7 Layer Dip

Nachos are a staple, they're messy, they're hard to hold and they're worth it. Elevate the simple tortilla and melted cheese with a 7 layered dip, some baked pita bread toasted with olive oil and black pepper and then finish with a protein smother (shredded chicken or ground beef) on top.

It is simple: 

1st layer: Refied Beans 

2nd Layer: Guacamole:

  • Chopped cilantro, lime juice, onions, finely chopped jalapeno and salt all smashed together with ripe avocados

3rd Layer: Salsa

4th Layer: Sour Cream

  • Mixed prior with taco seasoning and lime juice 

5th Layer: Monterrey Jack

  • Sprinkled heavily on top - don't skimp

6th Layer: Cheddar

  • Just keep going 

7th Layer: Lettuce, and Black Olives

If the extra cheese isn't your thing, or your stomach's thing, then make way for the guac. supreme.

  • Use the same ingredients: Cilantro, Lime Juice, Onions, Jalapeno and Salt
  • Add grilled corn - off the cob - and crispy bacon into the mix, before sprinkling a little feta cheese on top.

The Main: PIZZA

Fire up a pizza. 

This one can be eaten with the winter gloves on and therefore it is the star of the show. It also calls for any toppings you want.

So fire up the pizza oven, knead the dough and have the toppings buffet line ready. Be sure to keep your pizza well into the back of the oven at the beginning of the cook before moving it to the left hand side near the wood for an even cook.

Shop pizza ovens and charcoal smokers like the Big Green Egg, or Kamado Joe at any of our fives locations across Canada. You can pick up seasonings and sauces at our Burlington, Oakville, Etobicoke or two Calgary locations

Barbecues Galore staff cooks pizza on the grill  Barbecues Galore staff cooks pizza in a Fontana Pizza Oven  Pizza cooked in on of tony Fontana's Piaza Ovens

Enjoy the game and the grub this weekend, Canada!
Barbecues Galore Burlington Location Cheers on Hamilton at the 2019 Grey Cup
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