Halloumi - Not Your Average Grilled Cheese

Halloumi gets its humble beginning in the country of Cyprus. This cheese is firm with a big of spring in its step. Made from a mixture of goat's and sheep's milk, it is then brined leaving it with a scrumptious, slightly salty taste.  

Halloumi is used across the globe now thanks to its incredible "cookability". With a really high melting point, halloumi lends itself well to grilling and pan frying. Also great for adding to vegetable kabobs for a boost of protein.

Grilled Halloumi

This cheese is delicious on it's own but it is also a great partner. Pairing halloumi with watermelon is a common snack in the warm months or with a cold beer. 

We love grilling with halloumi here are Barbecues Galore HQ. We made some vegetable kabobs on the Broil King Keg and threw on some halloumi for a squeaky, savoury kick. 


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