Hops, Drop & Roll

Let’s just take a moment to show our appreciation for hops, shall we? Really, they’re life changing. After all, those green little buggers add so much delicious flavour to one of the most important things in the whole world: beer. A personal favourite is Boneshaker Unfiltered IPA from Amsterdam Brewery in Toronto. 


Amsterdam Boneshaker


In addition to being a crucial ingredient in that beautiful beverage, hops are also known to aid in cold relief, ease anxiety, and summon magical, wizard-like powers from the beyond.

When using hops (for brewing or cooking), it’s important to pick the right variety; there are so many different flavours that hops provide, make sure the one(s) you choose have the qualities you’re looking for. It’s like dating, but better.

Hops growing on branches


Check out this table of hop varieties and their flavours. It’s mighty handy for anyone who wants to use hops, and, more likely, anyone who drinks beer.


How does this all connect to grilling, you ask? Well, friend, beer and BBQ is a match made in heaven. It’s a pairing like no other, and while obviously a beer or two must be consumed while grilling, or you might even marinate a steak in some ale, we’re taking it one step further with this month’s recipe: hop salt.

Barbecues Galore Hops Salt Recipe


Not sure where to get your hands on some hops? Ask a home brewing friend if they can spare a pellet or two (if they can’t, they’re not actually your friend), grab some at a local home brew shop, or even pop by a small brewery and see if they can throw a couple pellets your way.


Man using home brewing kit

Have any questions about grilling? Ask one of the awesome folks at our stores, leave us a note on Facebook, or harass us on Twitter. Whatever floats your boat.

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