MIND BLOWN: Smoked Mac & 3 Cheese On The BGE

If you've given up smoking for the winter, you better get back on that horse, because you do not want to miss out on this cheesy, gooey, and bold helping of smoked perfection. 

Fire up the Big Green Egg, pull out the boxed noodles or even the pot full of left-over macaroni and elevate that meal. In the video below our resident charcoal-expert, Ken, upgrades this lazy-favourite, from simply filling to five-star. 

Wipe the drool and keep reading:

Feeds: 10  | Cooking Time: 40 minutes | Internal Temperature: 165°F


  • 8 oz. Italian Provolone 
  • 8 oz. 5 Year Old Sharp Ontario Cheddar 
  • 8 oz. Aged Cave Gruyère 
  • 2 Large Eggs 
  • 1 Cup Heavy Cream
  • Macaroni Noodles
  • Foil Pan 
  • Smoking Wood Chips (We used Bourbon Infused Cherry Wood)

Please account for heating time of your charcoal smoker, you want it at the 250-275°F mark. We will be going a little bit higher on the typical smoking temperature to account for baking needs. 

Step 1: Set your favourite charcoal and chips in your egg using the Minion Method. With this method you will place a small handful of hot coals atop a full chamber of unlit charcoal. Light the top, from the middle and the charcoal will light outwards in an engulfing circle. This results in gradual lighting of the fuel, lower temperature and therefore longer burn times.  

Step 2: Close the lid and open the top air vent fully and the bottom "air-in" vent fully to dictate and allow air flow. By giving air to the inside of the egg we are increasing the internal temperature of the smoker. We are aiming to get to a temp of 250-275°F.

Step 3: While the lid is down, we are up and working. We first want to set our macaroni noodles into a pot. Add some water and let it come to the moments just before a boil. We want these noodles al dente and with a little firmness to their bite.

Step 4: Place noodles in your foil pan.  

Step 5: The Custard Base! Crack two eggs over your pasta noodles, pour in the heavy cream (or milk substitute) and mix together. 

Step 6: Drown those noodle in all three of your cheeses. Mix well and use extra if you have it! Save 1 oz. of the cheddar. 

Step 7: Once we reach the ideal temperature, cut off the Air In and Air Out vents to stabilize the smoke for hours on end. Now place the pan in the middle of the grill.

Step 8: Sprinkle on the remaining cheddar on top of the mac and close the lid. 

Step 9: Allow for approximately 40 minutes to pass before checking the internal temperature of your melted mac. 

FUN FACT: When it comes to smoking we like to smoke fatty meats and fatty foods, because fat is what attracts the flavour. A high fat content in your meal, like the heavy cream in ours, is going to soak up the smoking flavour beautifully and give you the best taste. 

Step 10: Using a food-safe thermometer check your meal. Place the thermometer into the middle of the mac and cheese. We are trying to reach a temperature of 165°F

Step 11: Let your 3 cheese masterpiece rest before serving!

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