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Gotta Have It: Seasoning Salt

When just salt isn't good enough, reach for some seasoning salt. There are loads of different versions out there. Almost all of them add a bit of punch and zip that regular salt doesn't provide. A perfect way to add some last minute, no-time-to-marinate flavour to your pork chops, burgers and so on. We like Back Eddy"s Salt. http://www.backeddys.com/ It's from Hay River - how often can you say that?

We've said it before, we'll say it again: if you need some casual outdoor chairs for your home or cottage, you need look no further than the recycled resin chairs from CRP (www.crplastics.com). They look great, they"re comfortable, they don't rot, fade, stain, moan, bitch, complain, make a racket or steal your girlfriend. They require no maintenance. None. Oh, and they come in some cool colours. Heard enough?