Gotta Have Metal Skewers

Metal Skewers - We here at The Hot Line test kitchen generally use bamboo skewers to do our… uh, skewering. Other than the inconvenient scorching, they work just fine and; the price is definitely right. However, we have our covetous little eyes on these new skewers from the Stephen Raichlen stable of barbecue nerdosity. They’ve got nice, wide blades on them so, when you’ve got your food skewered, it won’t slip and spin like it often will with round grills. They’re also brawny enough to use for formed, ground meat kebabs like the Middle Eastern kofta or the Indian ‘seekh kebabs’ (man, does that ever sound similar to our ‘shish kebabs’ – I’ll just bet the Indians stole that name from us). You know what else these new skewers would be perfect for? Hearts. (Just like the skewer that Becky Sue Ginsberg used on my heart before the prom. Yeah, just like that skewer…)

Metal Skewers

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