Gotta Have It | Himalayan Salt Blocks

You grill directly on it, you serve food on it, the plate doubles as a salt lick, and it can be a great Valentine’s gift for your sweetheart (maybe make use of your superior man skills and chisel your salt block into something majestic. Like a rose. Or a centaur. Or a centaur holding a rose). Best of all, salt block grilling seasons your food perfectly so you can cook and eat your heart out, and get a really good head start on those New Years goals of yours.  

The salt plate is also perfect for the laziest of cookers. Just preheat it (slooowwwly), cook on it, and give it a wipe clean. It’s naturally anti-microbial, so you don’t have to worry about doing a good job of cleaning (it’s practically self-cleaning!). Plus, you can use it as a serving plate, because it looks cooler than all of your other dishes.

Have you ever cooked on a salt plate? Post your photos on our Facebook page and rub it in everyone else’s face how much more delicious your food is.  

Short on time? Try chilling your salt plate and serving up thinly sliced tuna or beef Carpaccio. The salt will actually cure it in the short time it’s in contact with the salt, and you don’t have to do any work. Fruits and vegetables also benefit from being served on the plate, as they get just enough seasoning to bring out their flavour.

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