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Gifts for Charcoal Grillers - Blowlighter, Heat Resistant Gloves, Plate Setter, Dual-Channel Thermometer, Charcoal Lighter

Charcoal Grilling Gift ideas

If you are, or know, a charcoal griller then you know that it's all about control. Controlling air flow, flavour, temperature and heat zones. With these great gift ideas for your favourite charcoal chef, you'll be giving them all the power. 

Big Boy Kamado Blowlighter

Big Boy Kamado Charcoal Wand - $79.99

The newest member of our charcoal lighting arsenal, the Big Boy Kamado blowlighter is ready for action. With two air temperature settings - hot or cold - the blowlighter is dual-purpose. Use the heat setting to get your charcoal lit and the cold setting to stoke your coals. Oh - and it has a built in bottle opener!


Weber 7416 Rapid Fire Charcoal Starter | Barbecues Galore

Weber Rapid Fire Chimney Starter - $24.99

One of the easiest and safest ways to start up your charcoal grill. Made from durable aluminized steel, you can easily start and pour your charcoal into your grill.


 Meeco Fatwood Firestarts | Barbecues Galore

Meeco Fatwood All-Natural Fire Sticks - $19.99

Easily start your charcoal with these all-natural firesticks from Meeco. 2 sticks can easily start up your charcoal, campfires, chimeneas and pellet stoves. Coming in a 4lb bag, this is sure to last you a while.

Slow n Sear Kettle Accessory

Slow n Sear Kettle Accessory - $134.99

Know someone who has a 22" Weber Kettle? I bet they don't have one of these! If you want to be a shoe-in for 'best gift of the year' this is your go to! 

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