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Barbecues Galore Gift Guide - Grilling Gifts For Meat Lovers

Grilling Gifts For Meat Lovers

We've rounded up our most popular barbecue accessories for the meat lover in this grilling gift guide. Find the perfect gift for your favourite griller in-store or online!

 Yes, as much as vegetarians can grill too, we stock a plethora of barbecue accessories for you to maximize your love of meat and find new ways to grill or smoke them. 



Slot Dog Hot Dog Prep Tool

Slot Dog Hot Dog Prep Tool - $14.99

One of the best stocking stuffers you can get any griller. The SLOTDOG press is easy to use and makes for the tastiest dogs. 



Rib Themed Barbecue Gift Basket

Rib Themed Barbecue Gift Basket - $54.99

When you think "Ultimate Barbecue Pitmaster", I bet you think they've perfected brisket, pulled pork, or ribs. Well this gift basket will help your favourite barbecue aficionado become the Ultimate Rib Master. 

Himalayan Salt Cone with Holder

Himalayan Salt Cone - $18.99

Himalayan Salt Plates have been incredibly popular over the last few years. This Himalayn Salt Cone takes the science (yes, science) behind the salt plate and puts it to use in a poultry roaster as an alternative to traditional beer can chicken roasters.  

Brander Burger Press

Brander Stuffed Burger Press - $12.99

For perfect, uniform burgers every time this is the tool for your favourite grilling fool. Whether you're making standard burger patties or stuffed burgers, this versatile press will make your life easier. Perfect for those Type A barbecue enthusiasts. 


Broil King Pork Shredding Claws

Broil King Meat Claws - $19.99

Sure, you could just use a couple forks and spend hours shredding your pulled pork masterpiece - OR - you could pick up a pair of these pork claws and get the job done in no time. We'll let you decide.     

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